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  • Joseph Noblett, Charnock Richard, Chorley is a leading supplier of quality Christmas trees to both Christmas tree shops and the general public

    We would like to welcome our customers back again this year and hopefully many more new friends who have visited our website this autumn.

    New Service – Choose and Cut (retail only)


    Our valued retail customers have two options this year.

    Choose and Cut – Visit our “Choose and Cut”. This is the first season at Joseph Noblett’s where we are letting you see how the Christmas trees grow together in a plantation. Bring your wellington boots and be prepared to walk in the fields. Enjoy the novelty of selecting your own Christmas tree growing in the field and one of our experienced staff will cut it down for you.

    Retail Marquee – Alternatively, walk into the well stocked marquee and select a lovely tree already in a stand. Our friendly staff will help you choose a tree, net it and carry it to your car. We stock a variety of Christmas Trees from 3ft-35ft (1m – 12m). However, any tree larger than 12ft (3m) has to be pre-ordered early in October. You can collect or arrange a delivery to your home (local area only and subject to availability) nearer Christmas. We have trees to suit most tastes.


    We also have a good selection of wreaths, garlands and little remembrance pots to choose from.

    We are now launching a new wholesale product for florists. This neat, packaged small Christmas tree comes complete with stand and is ideal for any florist shop nationwide. We deliver direct from our base in Charnock Richard, near Chorley, on a next day service.

  • Our stands are patent protected and all relevant customs authorities have been notified to seize all unauthorised products that breach these patents. For further information click here.