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  • Water Holding Christmas Tree Stands

    For years the question has always been, how can I stand my Christmas tree up safely in a water retaining stand? Now, Joseph Noblett has the answer. From the yard in Chorley we have designed and manufactured our own unique and innovative range of plastic, water holding Christmas tree stands. Perfect for both the retail and home environments our range has a Christmas tree stand to suit any tree and any budget.

    • Stands available to suit milled and unmilled trees
    • Six different attractive stand styles to fit trees of various sizes
    • Large water holding reservoir to keep the tree fresh for longer
    • Ideal for retail display and generating impulse buys at the checkout
    • Proven success with USA multi-retailers and 400% increase in sales over the past 4 years
    • Easy to provide a value for money tree and stand package for customers
    • Patents granted in the UK, USA, Canada and Europe
    • Worldwide deliveries available
    • Flexible ordering – stands can be mixed and matched and delivered in parcels of as little as 36, full pallets or even by the lorry load

    Whatever your requirements, be sure that Joseph Noblett will try to accommodate your needs and offer further advice on choosing stands.

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