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  • Our Christmas Tree stands are patent protected and all relevant customs authorities have been notified to seize all unauthorised products that breach these patents.



    Our intellectual property is protected by patents:

    • EP1651082B1
    • US8146291B2
    • CA2533380C
    • GB2384697B
    • US application 2012-0151837A1

    Also by the following European Community design registrations:

    • 000978234-0001
    • 0010723003-0001
    • 001229876-0001

    And the following in most of the European Countries:

    • 000978234-0001
    • 000902796-0001
    • 000902796-0002

    Customs statement

    US and European Customs notifications have been placed to enable enforcement action to be taken against infringing and /or counterfeit goods at the border.

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