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  • Revolutionary New Design unlike any other flock machine. Compare the SNOW FORCE to the high capacity “Cadillac” blower systems. The SNOW FORCE blows those machines away with more power, lower cost components and superior design features.


    Flock Machine

    We’ve brought over 45 years of flocking knowledge together with related industry engineering to design and produce the most powerful and dynamic flock machine on the market for less cost. We call it the “SNOW FORCE™” because the unmatched power is its defining characteristic. Comes complete with Snow Force machine and blower, agitator motor and system, Pursell’s Blizzard™ Flock Gun, 5m material hose, 6m. water hose, 6+m remote motor switch, attached lid, power cord, 5 castor mobility. Holds 12kg of Pinnacle Flock. 51cm diameter by 100cm tall. A Snow Force machine is charged at £2999.00 per unit plus VAT and delivery.

    Pinnacle Flock

    We use the finest ingredients for an uncompromisingly high quality flock for the best look, most yield and strongest adhesion. We’ve developed a high-grade reliable flock by using longer whiter fibers and screening out the fines. This fiber offers high yield, the brightest look, and low dust. Pinnacle Flock™ is manufactured in our facility in the USA, formulated by one of the pioneers of the flocking industry. Expect to average 5-10 flocked trees per bag depending on size of tree and weight of application. A 25lb bag is charged at £40.00 per unit plus VAT and delivery.

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